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A place where rivers meet...
Limpopo River
Notwane River
Matlabas River

Have you every wanted a real taste of the South African bush?

To get a feel for the wild life, the natural surroundings and peaceful starlit evenings by the fire.

To experience a place that is so pure and untouched that it feels like you have traveled back in time.

Wild Limpopo is the ultimate getaway that embodies all this and much more. A private game and hunting farm approximately 320km's from the city of Pretoria.

Many guests have traveled from far to experience this magical place. Whether you wish to stalk a variety of trophy animals or simply enjoy the beauty of this farm Wild Limpopo has it all.

Wild Limpopo is a unique game farm because it has three different rivers running through it: the Matlabas River, the Notwane River and of course the prominent Limpopo river. These three rivers mark the border line between South Africa and Botswana.

Furthermore it offers a special kind of solitude as this is a private farm, far from any major town or city deep in the heart of the African country side. It does not attract the masses of Safari goers and hunters who often clutter the environment; instead it offers an experience that really epitomizes the meaning of 'Wild'. Transport from Johannesburg can be arranged and before you know it you are in the heart of the African bushveld.

This beautiful envirnment is home to a variety of wild game