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Enjoy an abundance of birdlife...
Green Pigeon
Malachite Kingfisher
Ground Hornbill

Due to the abundance of water and the natural vegetation, Wild Limpopo attracts a wide variety of wild Animals and birds. Thick woodland bush dominates the area near the river; this is home to large troops of baboons and Vervet Monkeys as well a number of beautiful water birds such as a the Malachite Kingfisher and the Goliath Heron. The Limpopo River itself is also home to a large group of Hippos.

There are a number of rare birds which live in the forests of Wild Limpopo including the Green Parrot and the Green Pigeon. Other birds include Ground Hornbills, Secretary Birds, Fish Eagles, Franklin, Partridge and Many more. Cheetahs, Leaopards and Lions have been spotted on this farm.

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